Noale and the hinterland of venice

Noale and the hinterland of Venice


… a connoisseur of the Veneto region wrote in an old almanac of the early 1900s that, whenever he would go to Noale, he would recall Giocosa’s prologue to “Partita a Scacchi” where the playwright reminisced about the Middle Ages, about life in the Manor Houses, the fair-haired Jolandas and dark-haired Fredinandos and all that world that fascinated the Romantics…

20120826_203846Noale is one of the few towns still looking like a 14th century castle whose gates, towers and fortress summon up the memories noale-markof bygone centuries which a touch of the poetry of chivalry; it holds works by Giacomo Palma il Giovane, Sansovino, Lattanzio da Rimini, Paolo Pino Veneziano, Andrea Schiavone, Alvise Vivarini, Egisto Lancerotto e Emilio Greco.
Noale, charming town in the hinterland of the province of Venice, is situated just a few kilometers from the historical and cultural cities of Venice, Treviso, Padua and Bassano del Grappa.



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