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Noale Festival 2017

We are finally arrived at the 7 th edition of a very loved event, especially by the citizens of Noale and neighbours: we’re talking about the NoaleFestival that gladdens the warm summer evenings of the city since years, inviting some of the greatest personalities of the Italian panorama of culture.
This year more than ever the main topics will be original, fascinating and they’ll include astronomy, art, actuality; there will be a new particular appointment which is a recital with music, that will have as protagonist the actor and musician Bob Messini.
We will listen to the culinary stories of Leonardo Romanelli, the “spatial” experiences of Umberto Guidoni, the hidden mysteries of art discovered by Costantino D’Orazio, the “royal” stories of the historic journalist from Buckingham Palace Antonio Caprarica, and how the mafia organisations are changed during the years.
We’re sure that you will appreciate all these authors and that they will be able to arouse your curiosity, so we will be waiting for you to the appointments on 14 th , 15 th , 16 th July and on the first weekend of September.